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5:57 Challenge

  I know it’s been a while, but I had to share what’s happened this week. Our pastor’s at Rocky challenged us as a church to wake up at 5:57 each day this week and read a Psalm. We had the option of sharing our thoughts on social media and tag it with #Godisforus. It […]


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.       Grace and peace be yours in abundance, Donna


“O Love That Will Not Let Me Go”

  This old hymn came to mind this morning and I wanted to recall more of its lyrics. So I pulled out the old hymnal and read through them. I was not disappointed in their meaning to my life and I might add, to yours.   The love that God and Christ has shown to […]


“Step Into the Water” – Monday Musical Musings

Well, it’s Monday…my last day of time away with Mason for our anniversary. And one of my favorite things that I was able to do this weekend was to wade in the water of the Colorado River.     As I stood there, the words to the song, “Step Into the Water” came to mind. […]


Almost Time

  It’s nearly time to take mom to the airport. I have loved having her here to chat with and laugh with and run around with. We’ve had some great adventures and good visits with family and friends. But it is almost time for her to leave.   I’ll miss her. Terribly. So I thought […]

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