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A Quick Trip – Friday

  Still in Ohio…will be back far too soon. So, here’s another repost. God bless!   “Too”   My grandson Percy turned two in February. Since learning to talk, there is one phrase that has remained the same. It hasn’t changed. There is no variation.   “Percy, I love you!” This statement could be spoken […]


A Little Surprise

  When I arrived home yesterday, there was a large package on my kitchen table. I asked Mason what it was and he said, “I don’t know. You ordered something.”   I was surprised. I had ordered some items, but they weren’t supposed to arrive until today.   Later in the evening I had the […]


“Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down” – Monday Musical Musings

  Not much today, but I needed to be reminded of these precious words this morning. I pray that you can find some encouragement from these lyrics and this beautiful song. I am praying for you today!   “Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down”[i]   Come, let us worship and bow down And kneel […]


“Good News from Jerusalem” – Monday Musical Musings

  Don’t you love hearing good news. The birth of a baby. A job promotion. Health issues resolved. The return of a friend or loved one. A good day at school. These are all things we love to hear and are excited when we are the recipients of such news.   Sometimes when we hear […]


“Give Us Clean Hands” – Monday Musical Musings

  A couple times a year, Rocky offers a worship night for our folks to enjoy. This past Friday evening was one of those special times. The worship team leads us in a time of reflection and of course, we worship.   I was at the information area during the service, so I didn’t get […]

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