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“With All I Am” – Monday Musical Musings

  Hello my friends! It’s a beautiful morning here in Colorado! The sun is shining and a cool breeze is flowing through the window. Autumn is beginning to show up in small ways.   Today, American’s are celebrating Labor Day. A day set aside to think about and honor those who have worked diligently to […]


I’ve Been Trying…

  to write something of value this morning. I’ve tried several times, but nothing seems to be coming out well. So I’m going to share a repeated blog post today. Pray for me friends…I need some inspiration and I need this writer’s block to be short-lived!   Be Patient and Stand Firm   Last weekend, […]


A Bit Lazy

  I wrote a prayer a while back that asked God’s Spirit to remind me when I became spiritually lazy. I read through that prayer again this morning and realized that I had landed in that arena. Oh I look busy spiritually. I do Bible study. I lead Bible study. I journal. I talk about […]


Another Break – Day 7

  Okay this is a recoup day…still in Ohio with family, but it’s a bit more relaxed. It’s been so good to be here and I will miss them all, but I’ll be back in a few short weeks for Liam’s birth. What a great summer!   Another fun story from my childhood. Enjoy!   […]


“God’s Garden” – Today’s Touch

  I’m going to try something different on Thursday’s. There are some talented poets who have written some remarking works about God and our relationship with Him. So today, I introduce Today’s Touch.   I don’t know how it will play out for certain. Only time will tell. But I want Thursday’s to be encouraging […]

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