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Bible Journaling

  It’s all the craze. Using art as a form of reading, study and meditation upon the Words of God. There are many options out there from a journaling Bible to the Inspire Bible. It can be overwhelming. I have purchased a journaling Bible and have one entry (not because I don’t want to do […]


“U” – A to Z Challenge

  We’re coming to the end of this A to Z Challenge. I pray that you have found some interesting, encouraging and spiritually uplifting words through the month of April. I will miss April!   We have made the rounds to the letter “u.” Umbrella. Understanding. Unchanging. Unfailing. Unwholesome. Unproductive. Unity. These were all contenders […]


“That’s Important to Me” – Musical Musings in March

  A couple of pretty special ladies have passed away over the past few days. Nancy Reagan died yesterday. She will be missed by those who were closest to her, but she will also be missed by our nation. She touched many lives.   And then, Joey Feek passed away on Friday. While Nancy’s passing […]


Philippians 2:14-16 – Word of God Wednesday

  Just a few words today that remind us of how we are to live. No complaining. No arguing. Blameless. Pure.   I pray that you are able to stand out in our dark world as a beacon of light and that you not only live according to Scripture, but that you also share God’s […]


“Take the Name of Jesus with You” – Monday Musical Musings

  Last week women’s ministry at Rocky had a great event on Thursday evening. It was the kick off to our fall ministries and we had so much fun with all of the ladies who came out.   One of the things we shared was a short video about coming to the table. Regardless of […]

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