There are always mixed emotions about snow days. Some are excited. Some, not so much. There are still folks who need to get out in this weather, but others have the luxury of working from home. I happen to be one of the blessed ones.


unnamedOur church buildings are closed today, so that means we can work from home. And with all of the technology in our modern world, I am able to do so.


However, I’m a little sad. Tuesday’s are the days when all of our staff are together. Staff meetings occur on Tuesday’s and it’s an opportunity to see friends and co-workers that I don’t get to see any other day of the week.


I’m also sad because we have a lot to celebrate this week. We were in our new worship auditorium, we had five baptisms and Karl Mecklenburg spoke on Sunday. It was an energized Sunday and it would have been a perfect day to share all of our stories with others on staff. We will just have to wait until next week.


This snow has also caused a few cancellations of activities or events that I attend. The Stephen Ministry training that I am taking was cancelled last night. And because our buildings are closed, Praise in Motion will not take place this evening. Very disappointing.




But here’s a few more thoughts. Maybe these are petty in comparison to the single mom who will make the choice of leaving her children home alone or missing another day of work. Or to the person who has no other option but to go to work today. Or to our service workers who will fight fires, patrol our streets or care for the sick while this mini-blizzard hits Colorado. Yes, my disappointments are minimal in comparison to what others face today.


In this midst of this snow day today:


  • I will remember how blessed I am (2 Corinthians 9:8).
  • I will ponder the good and perfect gifts from God (James 1:17).
  • I will rejoice (Philippians 4:4).
  • I will be thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
  • I will not fear (Isaiah 41:10).
  • I will praise God for His provision (Philippians 4:19).
  • I will live abundantly (John 10:10).


What will you do today?


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




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