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I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye. It is kind of bothersome and annoys me when I need to focus on something. I’m sure the twitch will go away as soon as my more relaxing schedule settles in…at least, I’m praying that will happen.


tIt’s so amazing how our bodies know when we are on overload and that our bodies are capable of telling us that we are. Some develop twitches. Some become ill. Some require extra sleep. Some just stop. Regardless of how your body tells you that it’s had enough, we can all agree that when its time, we need to stop and consider how to relieve the stress in our lives and get some rest!


Our bodies were not made to continue endlessly at the alarming rate this world tells us we should go. God provided one day per week for us to rejuvenate, refresh and re-energize our minds, body and soul. That day is called Sabbath.


Through the years, we as Christians have allowed our day of Sabbath to dwindle and die with busy lives seven days a week. I don’t have any statistics or medical research to back up this statement, but I believe we this is why there is so much chronic pain and depression.


I found a blog that shared seven facts about Sabbath called Sabbath Truth. I found them to be quite interesting and will need to study up on this with great thought. I won’t say I agree with the entire blog post, but there are some intriguing ideas. I loved the first fact about Sabbath given in this post.


Sabbath establishes God’s sovereignty. God created for six days and on the seventh, He rested. Now we all know that God didn’t need to rest for He has all power and ability to do anything at any time, but He set a precedence for all of mankind. Work and toil for six days and on the seventh, rest.


On a personal level, as we observe the Sabbath, we establish God’s sovereignty in our lives. As we remove these “work” obstacles from our lives, we are able to spend more time with God. We set God above all else and He becomes Sovereign Lord of our lives.


I don’t even know how this is possible in our world today. Satan has such a hold over this world that this seems like an impossibility, and yet, there has to be a way. So my prayer over the next few months is going to ask God to show me what Sabbath looks like for me. How can I develop this day as a day of rest, a day to keep holy and a day to lift God to the throne of sovereignty in my life? These are thought-provoking ideas that I believe must be addressed. And to be honest, I’m excited to be able to work it out.


This twitch in my eye needs to go away and I believe I’ve just come up with the solution to this problem. Sabbath.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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