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If you didn’t know, I work at Rocky Mountain Christian Church as executive assistant to the lead pastor as well as women’s ministry director for our Niwot campus. I have never been happier in my work. I love the people I work with, I love the mission of Rocky and I love being able to serve God in this season of my life.


13237728_1309143395782328_1220318967759411168_nSometimes I can be a bit prejudiced about my workplace, so imagine how excited I was when my co-workers had the same thing to say about Rocky! Yesterday the announcement was made that Rocky has been certified as a 2016 Best Christian Workplace!


As I reflect upon the blessings I have because of where I work, I am reminded of Solomon’s words from Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 (NIV).


“Then I realized that it is good and proper for a man to eat and drink, and to find satisfaction in his toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life God has given him—for this is his lot. Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work—this is a gift of God. He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart.”


These are powerful words and helps us to see that this toilsome work we do should give us some enjoyment. Now I understand that not everyone works in places where I work, but if for just a moment we could take the time to reflect on the good that comes with our daily jobs, then we might find the enjoyment Solomon speaks of here.


But more importantly, I believe that when we are focused on and seeking God and His mission as we go through our day-to-day living, our hearts will be filled with gladness and we will view all of what we have in this life (including a job) as gifts from God. It doesn’t matter if you’re sweeping the streets or making a floral arrangement, your job is a gift from God.


I know there are many out there who do not have a job to go to today. For you, I pray that you will not be discouraged in the job search. If you have been doing this job search thing for a while, think outside the box. Apply for jobs that you wouldn’t normally apply for. Ask for help with your resume. Network! Spend a day seeking God through fasting and Bible direction. Keep going. God does have a plan.


For those of you who are seeking a job that you feel would be more fulfilling, I would suggest that you follow the same suggestions above. And please don’t forget to bring God into the middle of your search.


I am so thankful for my job…which really doesn’t seem like a job most days. God has blessed me abundantly and for certain I go to work each morning with gladness of heart. I pray that I will not take any of it for granted and that I will continue to keep my focus on God and see what amazing things He has in store for me and Rocky.


“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26 – NIV)


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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