“What Salvation’s Done for Me” – Monday Musical Musings


Have you ever heard someone tell their story of salvation that is amazing? How God took them from the pits of sin to walk with Him in marvelous joy? Hearing (or maybe seeing) about the transformation that has brought them from darkness into God’s beautiful light?


IMAG1492I love hearing these stories. We read about several of these accounts in Scripture (the woman at the well or the demon-possessed man who lived among the tombs to name a couple) that help us to understand God’s amazing grace.


I don’t have a story like either of these people or like some of the people I have encountered through my life. But what my story does have is the same outcome. Transformation. Sanctification. A grace-filled life that is devoted to Jesus.


Regardless of what our back story is, we all are a testimony of what salvation has done for us. And that is the message of today’s song. And I don’t know about you, but I praise God every day that I live on this side of salvation. I am thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice so that I might live in the shadow of the cross.


As you read through these lyrics, you may find glimpses of you and your life. If so, I pray that your path has led you to salvation. I pray that each person who reads this today is able to recount the words of the chorus. Oh, it is difficult for us to understand why Jesus did what He did, but we can also be thankful for the gift of salvation that His sacrifice gave. And then, just like that, each of us can tell another what salvation has done us.


Take a look at the lyrics and then listen to this beauty. I’ll be praying for you today!


“What Salvation’s Done for Me”[i]


I used to be so lonesome, I never had a friend
Always looking out for number one
Didn’t know where I was going, didn’t care where I had been
The life I lived had me on the run
One day Jesus found me and took my sin away
He showed me what I thought I’d never see
He put me in His family, and He’s with me to this day
Let me tell you what salvation’s done for me

I used to be a blind man, but now my vision’s clear
Mercy came and drove the shame from me
There’s peace of mind with Jesus that drives out every fear
I’m stronger than I thought I’d ever be
I can’t tell you why He loves me, as bad as I had been
Why I’m worthy of this life of victory
I know I’m not a scholar just a sinner saved by grace
But I can tell you what salvation’s done for me


One day when life is over, I’ll go to my reward
Where Heaven waits for those who have been set free
With saints from all the ages, in the presence of our Lord
This is what salvation’s done for me


Click here to listen to this calming, peaceful song by the Booth Brothers.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “What Salvation’s Done for Me,” words and music by Diane Wilkinson and Rusty Golden, Rusty Golden Music, Christian Taylor Music, 2006.

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