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  Well I managed to do it again. I didn’t write or post anything yesterday. I was busy with grandkids all day long and never once thought about getting something down on paper to share with you. Please accept my apology!   Since it’s Sunday, it’s time for a repeated blog post. I pray that […]


“K” – Blogging A to Z

  Well, we’re back at it. Blogging through the alphabet for the month of April. Today, we will look at the letter “k” and see how it fits into the boosting of our happiness and attitude.   From the article[i] I’ve been using for my jaunt through the alphabet, Ms. Marquez tells us that kissing […]


The Water Feature

  When we had our landscaping done several years ago, a water feature was a must have. While there was some disappointment with the final results, this water fall in my back yard was soothing for me. It was the perfect addition.   Through the years however, it has deteriorated. Some of the large rocks […]


Mirrored Image

My seven-year-old granddaughter drew this picture of a butterfly. Isn’t it beautiful? As a grandparent, I thought it was beautiful just because she drew it. But then, she explained how she drew this picture.   She took a crayon in each hand and as she drew the right side of the body, she mirrored the […]

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