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“L” – A to Z Challenge

  Life. I remind myself quite often that I am living the good life. I have a sign in my office to keep this thought before me. I thank and praise God each time I think of the goodness in my life.   But I realize that life isn’t good for everyone. I realize that […]


Gathering Eggs (Sabbatical Post)

  The loved ones of this world celebrated St. Valentine’s Day yesterday. I thought about writing on the topic, but decided against it. Until I was out and about on Valentine’s Day.   I received several emails, read all the Facebook posts, and even received a cute card from my husband about love for others […]


“Thy Word” – Monday Musical Musings

  If you know me at all, you know that I love music. But you also know that I love God’s Word even more! And when you put these two elements together, it’s a winner in my book!   Years and years ago, the song “Thy Word” was made known to the world. It’s been […]


A Tornado

  We had some pretty crazy weather in my neck of the woods last night. Tornadoes popped up in a few locations nearby and many of my friends to my north were affected by the extreme weather.   Our tornado sirens didn’t go off last night, but some folks in nearby towns spent their evenings […]



  I’ve been awake quite a while this morning. I woke up and started thinking of all the things I needed to get done today and what I am anticipating.   To start with, we have a water leak. It’s a leak that my husband couldn’t repair, so he called a plumber. We expect him […]

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