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A Needed Break – Day 2

A Needed Break – Day 2   I’m taking a little break from writing a post each day…and after listening repeatedly to the song I posted yesterday, I decided to reuse all musical posts for this break. Y’all know how much I love music. It touches my heart and will always draw me closer to […]


Another Great Sunday!

  I cannot wait to get to church today. We have a guest speaker at Rocky this morning. Joshua Straub will be speaking about the importance of fighting for our marriages. Joshua will also be sharing some important information this afternoon about creating emotionally safe homes for our children. If you want more information about […]


The Enemy

  I’ve been studying the parables of Jesus with a few ladies each week. We just finished the parable of the sower and in the last section of the study, our author reminded us through Scripture of how the enemy works. How he attacks. The strategies he uses to pull us away from God.   […]


“Praise the Lord” – Monday Musical Musings

  I was reminded of this song last week. It was sung by The Imperials and I was taken back to my college days once again. The music, the lyrics, the truth. It seems these words are appropriate today.   Christianity has always been disliked. From the beginning, persecution seemed to follow believers of Christ. […]


He Forgot

I heard a news story yesterday of a ship captain running his 260 foot vessel aground in the Farne Islands. In an attempt to sail from Scotland to Belgium, he admitted that he forgot England sat between the two countries.   This was not this captain’s only mistake (although forgetting England is the most memorable). […]

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