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Critical Steps Schedule

  If you recall, during the month of January the church I attend and where I’m employed remodeled our worship auditorium. There was a lot to do in a short amount of time. So we began praying for the project on a daily basis.   One of our prayers was that the critical steps schedule […]


Baptism Celebration

  Today is the day we at Rocky have been anticipating. Our annual Baptism Celebration service! This is my second year of being part of this beautiful service. My only regret today is that I am only one person. I would love to be at both campuses this morning to celebrate with each person who […]


A Little Something About Nothing

As you have read or heard, I begin a new position on Monday morning. With this new job, I will have more responsibilities and will be meeting new people and learning all about a church that I know nothing about.   So next week, I’ve decided to use old material that I’ve previously written. A […]

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