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What Shall I Choose?

  We all must make choices every day. Some are easy and can be made without much hesitation. Like “what color shall I wear today” or “do I want salad or a sandwich for lunch?”   Some decisions are difficult or that require time to make a decision. Like “what car shall I buy” or […]


And Another One

I am in the process of making yet another decision. I love that God has opened up opportunities for me. And when the opportunities fulfill some of my greatest desires, I’m even more excited.   However, this decision needs to be made quickly and I’m in a busy place in my life right now, so […]


Decisions, Decisions

Making decisions can sometimes be difficult, especially when it is a decision where it will make a major impact in your life. There have been times when I’ve made these decisions without consulting God. Somehow, most of those decisions were the right ones and something good came from it.   It’s only been in the […]

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