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“Grace Wins” – Musical Musings in March

  Grace. This little word is so encouraging to me (and I pray it is to you as well). The simple definition of grace is “unmerited favor,” but some scholars have suggested that grace envelopes all of who God is and covers the entire expanse of time as we know it. Not such a little […]


A Trustworthy Saying

  Our dear biblical friend, Paul, was an excellent writer. Oh yes, there are some of Paul’s words that get jumbled up in my mind, but once unjumbled are beautiful examples of Christian living.   Paul also likes the phrase, “a trustworthy saying.” When Paul starts a sentence with these words, they are words he […]


Iron Skillets

I bought a magazine recently and the entire magazine is about cast iron skillets. There were articles about the different size and shapes available and the uses for each. There is plenty of advice on how to care for cast iron cookware. It even contained testimony after testimony from famous chefs regarding the impact cast […]

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