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Thinking Again

  There are some crazy things happening in our world today. I’ve mentioned them before. You know what I’m talking about. Along with this craziness comes talk and discussion about the end times and how our world as we know it will soon come to an end.   I’ve had plenty of time to think […]


A Faith Walk

  Hmm. My mind has been working overtime this morning. I’m thinking. Processing. Switching. Rethinking.   So what is it that I’m working through this morning? Faith.   Let me take you to the beginning of my thought process. I have long thought and felt that Sarah was disturbed and against Abraham sacrificing their only […]


“S” – Blogging A to Z

  Here we are, nearing the end of the alphabet in this A to Z challenge. What’s even more amazing is that as we come to the close of this challenge, May will be upon us! That means we are 1/3 of the way through 2015! Yikes!   Today we are going to chat a […]


A Snowy Morning

  Good snowy morning from Colorado! We don’t have a lot of snow where we live, but apparently some areas of my state was hit pretty hard. This morning a lot of churches cancelled services. But not Rocky!   Rocky partners will be gathering this morning for fellowship with one another as well as hearing […]



  Last night before falling asleep my husband read the news of the day. He mentioned that ISIS had publically beheaded a British aid worker. My thoughts immediately turned to prayer for this man’s family and asking God to dispel this evil in our world.   This morning, I read the Book of Ephesians (because […]

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