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“Daisies, Date Palm, Dill, Dove’s Dung and Daffodils” – Blogging from A to Z (Sabbatical Post)

  I love flowers. I’m not a gardener, because gardening takes work and patience. I also tend to over water or under water any plants placed in my care. Flowers really don’t have a chance with me around. So I will stop by my local florist or grocery store for all of my floral arrangements. […]


In My Heart There Rings a Melody – Musical Musings in March (Sabbatical Post)

  After the snow storms of the past week, we’ve had a couple of very bright, sunshiny mornings. They have been beautiful and encouraging. Spring is just around the corner and soon the dull brown prairie will turn green.   The trees will bud into gorgeous blooms and the flowers hidden beneath the earth will […]


A Name

  A name. It is part of what defines you. Sometimes people hear a name and say, “it fits that person.” Sometimes, not so much. When children are born, we take great lengths to find the perfect name for the child. It might be given before birth or perhaps after, but still it is not […]

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