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Another Year, Another Celebration

  Here we are again in the middle of our calendar year and it’s a time to celebrate the birth of America! 240 years ago, our forefathers wondered what it would be like to live outside of the oppression they felt from Great Britain. Through sacrifice and a bitter war, America was free. Their dreams […]


A Beautiful Day

Good morning!   I’ve accomplished quite a bit this morning. Bible study. Prayer time. More additions to the doll house. Tomorrow’s blog post prepared. And now, as I sit and ponder what to write today, I decided to share a few verses from my favorite Pinterest Scripture art.   I’ve chosen go with black and […]


December 16 – Follow

  If you recall, I created a little Advent calendar for one of my Bible study groups to help us focus more on Jesus through the month of December. The word to reflect, contemplate and meditate upon today on my little Advent calendar is “follow.”   I thought of each character who participated in the […]


Air Plants

If you know me well at all you know that I kill plants. Not that I mean to, but I find that I either over water or forget to water. I’ve never found the balance of caring for plants.   I will admit that I love seeing beautiful gardens. Maybe it’s because I’m so plant […]


Gardening Club

I have been nominated to become an official member of a club. “It is no secret among your friends and neighbors that you are an outstanding gardener. As someone who is passionately devoted to your hobby, you’re exactly the kind of person our club is always looking for.”   Here’s the problem I see with […]

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