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“The People in the Line” – Monday Musical Musings

  I am touched again by a song that helps me to put things in perspective, as well as reminds me of how focused I can be on myself.   As I listen to today’s piece of music, I am reminded of Jesus’ parable from Matthew 25:31-46 and His words from Matthew 7:12 and the […]


“Once and For All” (2) – Monday Musical Musings

  I’ve written before about a song by this same title. It was in a musical cantata I directed in the 90’s. The idea and concept of God’s plan of sending Jesus to die for the sins of mankind can be found in the lyrics of many songs. This is yet another version of this […]


“Sweeter as the Years Go By” – Musical Musings in March

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that time flies by…especially as you get older. I never really believed it until I got older. It seems that it was just yesterday when I held my oldest granddaughter as a baby. She’s now in first grade! Where did that time go?   My youngest child turned 27 […]

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