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Jesus, the glorious Emancipator

  A repeat…enjoy!   I heard an old gospel hymn yesterday and there was one line that caught my attention. Jesus, the glorious Emancipator.[i] That single line brought such hope and joy to my soul in that moment. It was amazing!   I suspect the true meaning of that term really hit me. I live […]


It’s Time

  I have been trying to figure out how to share this news with you; my dear friend, my loyal reader, my brother or sister in Christ. I’ve been struggling. I’ve shed some tears. I’ve listened to wise counsel. I’ve asked God’s guidance.   I’ve finally made my decision. Full Measure of Joy will be […]


Lie Detector

My daughter Candace starts a new job next week. She was screened pretty heavily, but they stopped short of a lie detector test.   When she mentioned this test, I remembered years ago, I had to undergo a lie detector test in order to work for a jewelry store. In this particular job, I wouldn’t […]


Let’s Celebrate America!

  America celebrates its 239th birthday today. It may not be the perfect country, but I am proud to say that I am an American.   While traveling to SE Asia a few years ago, I was stopped by a group of students who were working on a high school project. They wanted to interview […]


All I Know About Christmas

  I have a wall hanging in my living room. It stays on the wall all year long, even though it speaks of Christmas. This is what it says.   “All I know about Christmas I learned from Jesus.”   You see I have a tendency to get pretty caught up in the trappings of […]

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