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First Things First

  The sun is about to come up. It’s a new day. What happened yesterday is the past. Today I have new and fresh opportunities. Today looks pretty promising. So what shall I do with today?   Elizabeth George says this, “With the gift of a whole, entire, precious, and priceless day before you, ask: […]


What’s Highlighted?

  On occasion, I share some beautiful artwork from Pinterest. These pictures contain verses of Scripture and they allow my mind to visualize God’s Word. Another way I visualize God’s Word is by highlighting verses in my Bible.   Today, I thought I would share some of favorites…I’d love to know what verses you enjoy […]


February 11

I get tired of winter far too easily. Last week we had plenty of snow, but everything else in the scenario went smoothly. The sun was shining. The wind wasn’t blowing. We had some beautiful days that were uplifting and I actually enjoyed them.   Then the inevitable happened. Winter really set in. The wind […]

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