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HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Sabbatical Post)

  It’s the beginning of a new year. 2013 has gone and overnight we rang in 2014. What opportunities await us as we begin this New Year!   I read a quote on Pinterest yesterday that caught my eye. As a writer it was appealing to me. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a […]


Standing on the Promises (Sabbatical Post)

  Do you remember that old hymn? I certainly do. However, as I sang it in years past, I am certain that I never fully understood the whole message. I probably didn’t really sing the words of this hymn. The message that not only does God keep His promises, but we can stand firm in […]


What Will You Choose?

  I have often shared photos of the beautiful view from the window in my office. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises that envelope snow-capped mountains. Each day similar, yet different in its own way.   I have rarely offered photos of the back side of my house which faces east. Mainly because I’m usually looking to […]


Memories Flood my Mind

  My husband and I finally got a chance to watch the Glen Campbell documentary last night about his battle with Alzheimer’s. There were many things that touched my heart while watching this piece about this great American vocalist.   I recalled listening to his albums as a child with family and friends. I remembered […]


It Begins

  As I closed out of my work computer yesterday, I realized that it was a special moment. In the closing of my work laptop, I closed a chapter of my life. When I open the laptop on Monday morning, a new chapter will begin. Now, am I ready for this new chapter? I believe […]

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