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Wedding Music – Day 11

  I am heading to my son’s wedding and will be pretty busy over the next week or so. I ask that you extend a few things on my behalf:   The ability to re-post some music that I’ve shared in the past. Prayer for safe travel. Prayer for my son, Philip and his bride, […]


“We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations” – Musical Musings in March

I love to sing old hymns. They were part of my life for so long. So when I hear a hymn from my past, I’m always taken back to the moments of my youth. This is one of those hymns.   I grew up in a minister’s home. We lived in the Bible belt and […]



I don’t talk about football much. Actually, the blog post you’ll read below is the only football related post I’ve shared in nearly two years. But since we are nearing the end of football season, I thought I might repost this particular one.   You’ll know how old this post is because of the content, […]


God’s Beautiful Words

I’m a Pinterest junkie. You’ve heard me say it before and I will continue to admit it. The pictures I see are inspiring. The words I read are motivating. The beauty I see is awe-inspiring.   I must also admit that I will probably never use 99% of the things I pin. There just aren’t […]


A Brand New Car! (using an announcer voice similar to that on “The Price is Right!”)

You’ve heard me speak of the problems I’ve been having with my current car. So much so, that it’s been sitting in my garage for over a week. I’ve been driving my husband’s truck (with manual transmission) and it was starting to get difficult.   So my husband and I have been looking for our […]

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