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Hosanna! (Sabbatical Post)

  It’s hard to believe, but we are already at the end of March. This year is going so quickly. But isn’t it exciting today to be celebrating Palm Sunday? And if today is Palm Sunday, Easter is upon us as well.   Today, we believe, marks the day in history in which Jesus rode […]


Whatever You Do

  I enjoy Facebook. It’s one of those places I can keep tabs on those I love and are acquainted with. I started my Facebook journey when my middle child was in college. I thought it might be a good way to keep an eye on her and see to see what she and her […]


Who Do You Influence?

I have been doing the social network thing for a couple of years now. I’m okay at some of them, but really horrible with others. Facebook and Pinterest I get. But Twitter? I’m just not sure how to use it. I’m certain the 25 people who follow me wonder what I’m doing. Well guess what? […]

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