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All I Know About Christmas

  I have a wall hanging in my living room. It stays on the wall all year long, even though it speaks of Christmas. This is what it says.   “All I know about Christmas I learned from Jesus.”   You see I have a tendency to get pretty caught up in the trappings of […]


Let’s Go Up to the Mountain

I’ve worked closely with ministry folks for years. I’ve been surprised by the different approaches to their personal relationship with Jesus. You know, how they spend time with God. One approach that I’ve come to appreciate and love is a full day of focus. Realistically it can’t happen every week, but they realized the importance […]


Terms of Endearment

I’m sure you’ve heard them. Those endearing names one has for another. I’m reminded of a scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the Baron and Baroness Bomburst sing of their undying love toward one another. It is filled with terms of endearment such as, “my little chu-chi,” or “lovey dovey teddy bear” and together […]


Decisions, Decisions

Making decisions can sometimes be difficult, especially when it is a decision where it will make a major impact in your life. There have been times when I’ve made these decisions without consulting God. Somehow, most of those decisions were the right ones and something good came from it.   It’s only been in the […]

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