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Thoughts on Leadership

  I have had the privilege of going to Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit yesterday and today. There are some pretty spectacular speakers we are hearing over these two days. Yesterday I was inspired. I expect nothing less in today’s sessions.   I’d like to share a few quotes from yesterday’s speakers. Maybe you’ll find […]



  Over the past few days, I’ve had a few lessons to learn. One of which is humility. Without going into the details, God has pointed out to me through others, His holy Word and Holy Spirit that my heart needed softening in the humility area.   I’ve read all of the Scripture about humility […]


My Plants

  I purchased some plants earlier this year to use outside around my water feature. I put them in nice pots and as the weather grew colder, I conditioned them to be indoors through the winter. I had been mindful of these plants since bringing them inside. I was pretty proud of myself.   After […]

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