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“You Are” – Monday Musical Musings

  It’s been months since I’ve been to Praise in Motion. My summer schedule has kept me from worshiping God in this special way. But the music from Praise in Motion continues to show up and remind of what is waiting when I am able to return.   The song I share with you today […]


“Revelation Song” – Musical Musings in March (Sabbatical Post)

  I cannot tell you the first time I heard “Revelation Song,” but what I do know is that every time I hear or sing this song, I am moved. With hands raised, inhibitions gone, I am in total worship of my God and King.   As a matter of fact, as I am writing […]


A Cracked Crown

  When my youngest daughter was 16 years old, she had one tooth that needed a crown. When we arrived at the dentist’s office, a young, handsome dentist presented my impressionable daughter with a single rose (it really was like a scene from a movie). This little act of kindness made the whole process much […]


Psalm 117

  “Praise the Eternal, all nations. Raise your voices, all people. For His unfailing love is great, and it is intended for us, and His faithfulness to His promises knows no end. Praise the Eternal!” (Psalm 117 – The Voice)   Psalm 117 is only two verses long…I think I might even be able to […]


“Holy, Holy, Holy” – Monday Musical Musings

  What a great day to worship Jesus! The sun is shining brightly on the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The birds are singing. It’s not raining. Yes, it’s a good day to join King David in praise of God and His unfailing love. Take a look at some of David’s words.   “Satisfy us in the […]

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