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Tis the Season

  Good morning folks. I am struggling with my allergies this morning (they’ve been horrible all week!) and I can’t seem to get my head unclogged. So I am going to repost an older blog that is just as relevant today as it was early in my blog-writing days. I pray that God will be […]


Christmas in March (Sabbatical Post)

  Last weekend, Joy and Percy spent the night with us. I was tired. I had returned home from Florida and lost two hours to travel. It was the Saturday to lose an hour of sleep. I babysat the two grand kids on Saturday. But when Joy called and asked if she and Percy could […]


His Name is Wonderful!

I’m a little obsessed with God’s Name. I have two books on my shelf that give reference to every Name of God in Scripture. Any verse that talks about God’s Name finds its way into my heart and cling to it.   The blog post I share with you today is about God’s Name, but […]

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