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Psalm 117

  “Praise the Eternal, all nations. Raise your voices, all people. For His unfailing love is great, and it is intended for us, and His faithfulness to His promises knows no end. Praise the Eternal!” (Psalm 117 – The Voice)   Psalm 117 is only two verses long…I think I might even be able to […]


God Will Take Care of You

  I am struggling this morning. My heart is heavy and my spirit is burdened. There are many things I want to share with you, but at this moment I am unable. But this is what I can tell you.   There are many people that I know who are grieving. Families have had to […]


A Good Idea

While working through the A to Z challenge in April, I used Sunday as a day to repost an earlier piece from my blog. I’ve decided to stick with that for a while. Sunday’s are usually the most difficult day for me to write, so for now, I pray you’ll enjoy some of my earlier […]

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