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Terms of Endearment

I’m sure you’ve heard them. Those endearing names one has for another. I’m reminded of a scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the Baron and Baroness Bomburst sing of their undying love toward one another. It is filled with terms of endearment such as, “my little chu-chi,” or “lovey dovey teddy bear” and together […]


The Lord is My…

We have managed to arrive into the busy season of the year. Holidays and guests and travel and meal preparations and family and work and activities and anything else you can think to add to this list.   Yes, busyness seems to go hand-in-hand with November and December. And for me, I just want this […]


It’s Cold Outside!

The past few days have been amazing! We’ve had snow, blizzard conditions, sunshine, a snow moon, cold temperatures and some beautiful scenery. However, with all the blowing snow and cold, I opted to stay indoors. I had remained indoors since last Friday…until last night.   My husband and I decided to run out to grab […]

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