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My Favorite Place (Sabbatical Post)

  Do you have a favorite spot or location? One that warms your heart the moment you arrive? I have several “favorite” spots. So I guess I really don’t have a favorite! My newest favorite place is my new office. Within its walls, I am made comfortable by the décor, the paint colors, and the […]


“Thy Word” – Monday Musical Musings

  If you know me at all, you know that I love music. But you also know that I love God’s Word even more! And when you put these two elements together, it’s a winner in my book!   Years and years ago, the song “Thy Word” was made known to the world. It’s been […]


All I Know About Christmas

  I have a wall hanging in my living room. It stays on the wall all year long, even though it speaks of Christmas. This is what it says.   “All I know about Christmas I learned from Jesus.”   You see I have a tendency to get pretty caught up in the trappings of […]


My New Favorite Place

  Today’s repeated blog post is about my old office. It was pretty special, but what I’ve turned my new office into is pretty spectacular! With the use of my favorite location on the planet (the beach), I’ve created my little oasis in the middle of the Colorado mountains. The sites, the scents, the textures, […]

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