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Just a Dusting

  I was awakened in the night by a big gust of wind. I knew there was a possibility of snow overnight, but I didn’t know what to expect when I woke this morning.   As I peeked out the back door, there was just a dusting of snow. Phew! But I know that some […]


Party, Party, Party

  This has been one busy week of partying. I have gone from one Christmas party to another and still have two gatherings to attend. So this morning I would like to offer more of the beautiful artwork I collect on Pinterest that takes Scripture to a new level for me. Please enjoy these precious […]


1,003, Nope Make That 1,004

  I don’t know how I missed it, but since the beginning of Full Measure of Joy in January of 2012, I have posted 1,003 blog posts (before today’s post)! I am amazed that God has blessed me with this much stuff to talk about. But what it really tells me is that I can […]


Sweet Sleep

I am tired this morning and for those of you who know when I usually post my blog, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing and where I am?   I know of one gal who reads my blog each morning before heading off to work…sorry. You’ll have to read this one on your lunch break. […]


ZYD – Blogging A to Z

My Ford Escape has had the same license plate the entire time I’ve had it. It was looking pretty beat up, so when it came time to get new tags, my husband thought he would just get new plates. I must admit they look nice. Clean. No dents. However I see a couple of issues […]

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