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Kentucky – Day 6

I’m in Kentucky for a quick family reunion and then clearing out the remaining items of my great aunt’s home. I have been super busy over the last few days and I have been in an area where there wasn’t internet access.   So for today, you’ll be reading an older post. I pray that […]


Your Words

I read the results of a survey recently. While I wish these numbers were higher, I am encouraged that some Americans seek God in times of trouble. Take a look.   “A quarter of Americans have searched the Bible within the last month to help deal with pressure. When asked, ‘Where do you turn when […]


Balloon Parade

Last year we had the opportunity to see a large amount of balloons take off from just north of our home. We sat on the back deck and watched as they sailed past and took pictures.   It is balloon parade weekend! This morning, a large number of balloons passed by…not nearly as close as […]

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