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“I” – Blogging A to Z

  Just to remind you of why I’m singling out specific letters of the alphabet, this is the third year I’ve accepted the challenge of blogging through the alphabet. Each day of the month is assigned a letter and our challenge is to write about that letter.   As I mentioned on April 1, I […]


The Bible

My family loves Christmas. We always have and we’ve passed that love down to our kids and grandkids. Since we’ve grown, we decided several years ago to exchange names at Thanksgiving and then buy gifts for the name of the person each received.   This year, we decided to give books for this exchange and […]


And Yet Again

  Mom is back in the hospital this morning with more of the same symptoms she has been experiencing for the past two months. Another angiogram is planned today. And here I sit, miles and miles away from one of my favorite people in the world feeling pretty helpless.   So today I need encouragement […]


“Lord, I Need You” – Monday Musical Musings

In our world of self-sufficiency, it can sometimes be difficult to understand that we really aren’t self-sufficient. When it comes to our relationship with God, we desperately need Him.   Today’s melody teaches us this valuable lesson. Each moment of every day, our souls long for God. We need God.   Take a look at […]


The Voice

I am going to admit something. I’m lonely. I’ve moved from one church to another and I feel as if my “old” friends have moved along and my “new” friends have plenty of things to do besides talk to me all day long (I have plenty to do as well). There just doesn’t seem to […]

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