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Almost Time

  It’s nearly time to take mom to the airport. I have loved having her here to chat with and laugh with and run around with. We’ve had some great adventures and good visits with family and friends. But it is almost time for her to leave.   I’ll miss her. Terribly. So I thought […]


“God in the Seasons” – Today’s Touch

  Thursday has rolled around again and so it’s time for a poem! I loved the title of this poem. And as I read through it, I think of how each season brings with it sights and sounds to remind us of God.   But I also know that in each season of my life, […]


“And Can It Be?” – Today’s Touch

  It’s Thursday and I’m back to writing about poetry. I searched for something to add here and just didn’t find the perfect poem, so I thought I’d share the words to a hymn. It’s poetry…and its music…however, if you don’t know the hymn, you won’t know the melody and sing it in your head […]


The Ark Encounter

  It has been a while, friends. I’ve enjoyed my newest grandson Liam. Spent lots of time with family. Watched my precious niece commit her life to a godly man in marriage. Traveled from Ohio to Colorado with my Mom. And have been on an airplane six times since the middle of June. What fun […]


A Needed Break – Day 17

  I am enjoying going back to the original songs I shared in 2013. I pray that you are receiving a blessing from then as well.   “The Potter’s Hand”   I have gone through many transitions in my life. Career, location, and family changes just to name a few. Some have been more difficult […]

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