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“W” – A to Z Challenge

  One of my “new” favorite things to do is write Scripture. It is the first thing I do each morning. This morning for my Scripture writing exercise, I wrote Matthew 6:25-34.   Over and over, I wrote the word “worry.” What a great reminder for me (and maybe for yourself) to trust God with […]


What Are You Singing About?

  This has been an unusual spring for us here in Colorado. We’ve had plenty of moisture from rain which has created a perfect climate for nature to produce babies in abundance. There are little bunnies. Frogs. And birds. Lots of birds. Lots of birds that start their singing (if you can call it that) […]


Thanksgiving Break – Day 12

  I will be visiting my Ohio family for Thanksgiving this year. While I’m away, I’ll be sharing some older blog posts about music…long before there was March Musical Musings or Monday Musical Musings I wrote about music. So enjoy these pieces and I’ll see you on December 2! Just in time for some Christmas […]

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