It’s the beginning of a new year. What a great day to wake up and decide to follow Jesus no matter where He leads. I pray that as you worship with your local Church today, that your spirit would be stirred. I pray that your spirit would be awakened. I pray that you would be willing to start something new this year. And I pray that you will follow Jesus’ leading.


The post I share with you today is titled “Variety.” Enjoy the post and your day. Make it one for Jesus!


Variety – Blogging A to Z


I recall a phrase that my Dad has repeated to me (and others) throughout the years that I’ve been on this earth. “Variety is the spice of life.” I find myself using this phrase and used it just this past Sunday while visiting with a woman from church. I don’t recall the conversation (probably about the uncertain weather patterns we’ve had in Colorado of late), but I remember using this phrase.


How boring life would be without variety. We’d all wear the same clothes. Our hair would look exactly alike. The world in all of its beauty would be monochrome. Nothing out of the ordinary would ever happen. Every day would be just the same as the day before.


I believe God enjoys variety. He chose people who were very different from one another to serve specific purposes throughout history.


Moses, a well-educated man who was raised in a royal palace was chosen to lead a group of people from slavery.


Peter, an uneducated fisherman was chosen to lead others to Jesus and be the main spokesman for the early Church.


These are just two examples of how God used a variety of people to spread His message to others. But there are a couple of common factors here. Areas that God was not willing to compromise and allow variety.


First of all, these men were willing to allow God to lead them. Oh perhaps they were a bit reluctant at first, but when they accepted God’s call, they held nothing back. They became whole-hearted God followers. And through God’s calling, these men changed the world.


Secondly, these men were willing to share the message of God. From two generations, each held in slavery, these men knew that God’s message would change those who heard it and accepted it. They each encountered persecution because of their willingness to follow God, but they were driven by the message and their desire to share it with others.


Third, these men remained faithful to God’s message. The message was told over and over, but it never changed. It remained the same. Freedom can only be found in God and through Jesus Christ.


Fourth, God was on their side. Without God, they were ordinary men who may or may not have been successful. But with God, everything was possible. And with God, they made remarkable changes to their world and to ours today.


God’s message hasn’t changed. It is the same message that we hear today. Today I am not held in physical bondage or slavery, but my soul is always under attack by the evil one whose greatest goal is to keep me in sinful bondage.


I must commit my life in the same ways Moses and Peter did and understand that my freedom is in Jesus Christ. I must determine to allow God to lead me as I travel on this journey of life. God must be in the middle of it. There is no opportunity for variety there.


I am thankful for variety in my day-to-day life. I’m also thankful for the spice that accompanies it. Life would be boring. I would be boring. I am unique because of variety. I enjoy variety!


But as a Christian, a Christ follower, I must never compromise my faith because of boredom. As I continue to study and grow in Christ, I find that there is no boredom in God’s Kingdom. If there is, it’s because I’m not doing what I should be doing. Studying, growing, sharing, trusting, loving, engaging, depending.


So today I ask you, are you bored? Are you seeking variety in your spiritual life? If so, jump into God’s Word. God certainly knows how to spice things up. Look to God to renew the excitement of your relationship with Him. Learn how God used willing biblical journeymen who did as He asked. Then allow God to do the same for you and through you. You will never be the same.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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