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How are you feeling this morning? Is your attitude energized? Has your happiness been boosted? I pray that these days through the month of April have helped. There certainly have been plenty of good ideas to improve your outlook on life.


xToday is no different. Here’s yet one more way to figure out how to get through this day with a smile. Today, the letter “x” stand for x-press yourself. In this article I’ve been using, Ms. Marquez says that when we “pick up a pen or a paintbrush and let loose, expressing yourself creatively can reduce fatigue and even depression.”[i]


I love this idea…I really thought she was going to tell us to x-ercise. Now you realize that is a good booster as well right? But this being creative thing really x-cites me. And what I really love is when my creative side touches my spiritual side.


For instance, the Ukrainian Eggs I have made in the past represent new life in Christ. Eggs are presented to friends and family on Resurrection Sunday with the phrase, “Christ is Risen!” The symbols and colors on each egg represent something religious as well. The crown of thorns, purity, eternal life, hope, tears of Mary and many more.


Recently, I have enjoyed praying while I color. This has helped me to focus on a specific person, event or even a verse of Scripture. Most recently, I spent a morning praying for my neighbors and neighborhood. I used a coloring sheet with lots of houses on it and prayed specifically for those around me. It’s a great way for creativity to intertwine with my spiritual world.


Of course, writing is my favorite way to x-press myself. I have often wondered what I did before Full Measure of Joy. I must have wasted an awful lot of time! This little blog of mine has given me more opportunity to share what Jesus has done in my life than anything I’ve done. I’m so thankful to have this outlet. It makes me very happy!


It’s no wonder we are creatures of creativity. Our heavenly Father is the greatest Creator and He is able to x-press Himself in quite beautiful and elaborate ways. He spoke the world, universe and mankind into being. In a six-day period, all that we encounter on a daily basis was brought into existence. And what a beauty! My Colorado Rocky Mountains have been gorgeous lately with the new snow fall!


What does creation do in return? Psalm 148 tells us that creation praises God. That is why everything (including us) was created. To praise God! As a fearfully and beautifully created being, we are to use our creativity to praise God throughout our days.


So how can you x-press yourself to God today? What do you need to tell Him? What do you need to thank Him for? How can you praise God? I can guarantee a little worship with your Lord and Savior will do wonders for your spirit today. Don’t miss this opportunity to x-press yourself.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



[i] “More Bliss, Less Stress: A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try Today,” Jennifer Rainey Marquez, Good Housekeeping, Vol. 260, No. 4, page 115.

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