Wedding Music – Day 1


I am heading to my son’s wedding and will be pretty busy over the next week or so. I ask that you extend a few things on my behalf:


  • The ability to re-post some music that I’ve shared in the past.
  • Prayer for safe travel.
  • Prayer for my son, Philip and his bride, Heather.
  • Joy and presence in each moment.


I’ll remember you and pray for you each day. Until we meet again…


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




“Sing, Sing, Sing” – Musical Musings in March


sunrise 1-28-15I know many people who have pretty remarkable voices. I enjoy listeninPsg to someone who is able to sing beautifully and who are willing to use their voice to glorify God.


But I must admit, there is nothing more beautiful than hearing one of my grandchildren sing a little song for me. Or when I catch my husband (who doesn’t sing at all by the way) humming a few bars of a song.


In my earlier years, singing was the most important thing to me. My voice was an instrument that needed to be exercised, cared for and used daily for it to be at its best. I was committed to doing whatever needed to have a beautiful voice.


As the years have passed, singing is still important. But what has changed is that I don’t spend an hour a day working toward having a beautiful voice. I’d rather be studying God’s Word or writing a blog post. So this once beautiful, well-coiffed voice is now ordinary. I’m okay with that. And with this voice, I still sing, sing, sing praises to my God and King.


I imagine King David had a naturally beautiful voice. I imagine that his voice was one that others stopped to listen to. I imagine that his voice could be heard over the other voices singing. But I also imagine that King David’s voice was His gift from God in order to sing praises to God.


We see glimpses into this idea from Scripture. Psalm 104:33 (NIV) shares these words of David. “I will sing to the Lord all my life: I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.”


Psalm 96 is dedicated to singing. “Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.” (Psalm 96:1-2 – NIV)


And if this isn’t enough, there are plenty more. Take a look at Psalm 9:11, or Psalm 30:4, or Psalm 33:1-3, or Psalm 47:6, or Psalm 68:4, or Psalm 81:1-2, or Psalm 95:1, or Psalm 98:1, or Psalm 149:1.


David loved to sing praises to God. And so should we! It doesn’t matter if you have a good voice or not, God delights in hearing us sing to Him. So today, let’s sing to the maker of heavens and earth. Let’s make music to glorify the Name of Jesus. Let’s sing, sing, sing!


“Sing, Sing, Sing”



We will sing, sing, sing
And make music with the heavens
We will sing, sing, sing
Grateful that You hear us
When we shout your praise
Lift high the name of Jesus


What’s not to love about You?
Heaven and earth adore You
Kings and kingdoms bow down
Son of God, You are the One
You are the One we’re living for


You are the love that frees us
You are the light that leads us
Like a fire burning
Son of God, You are the one
You are the one we’re living for



If you’d like to listen to “Sing, Sing, Sing,” click here.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,




[i] “Sing, Sing, Sing,” Words and Music by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Matt Gilder and Daniel Carson,, Six Steps Music, Vamos Publishing, Shadow Rock Music, 2008.

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