What Are Your Plans?


I have made some grand plans for the summer. I have two new Bible studies planned. One actually starts tomorrow, so local friends, if you want to get in on this fun, new way of exploring God’s Word called journaling, let me know and I can get the details to you.


DSC02411mI also will lead a study on Thursday’s during the month of July that will help us understand four women of the Bible. I’m excited about that study.


So I’ve made all these plans, but here’s the problem. I didn’t think about how these studies affect the things I’ve already got going in my life. I set up the journaling class to meet at a time when I should be in a staff meeting. Honest. I completely forgot about it.


And I already had a couple of trips to Ohio planned, but I didn’t consider these trips either…I don’t think that I use my planner or my calendar very well. LOL! I think I need some help! An assistant for the assistant!


And just when I thought I had my plans all set and ready to go, some personal things dropped in as if to say, “Hey! Do you really think you’re in control?”


All of this to say, plans change.


Yes, in life, sometimes plans change. Sometimes lives change. It was no different for the people who Jesus encountered. Think of the people whose plans changed because they met Jesus. Nicodemus. Zacchaeus. Mary Magdalene. The woman at the well. Peter, Andrew, James and John.


Perhaps the greatest plan-changed encounter was Jesus with Saul. I just finished writing Acts 9 (very powerful) and this chapter tells of a plan-changing moment. Saul heard a voice and saw a blinding light. Jesus spoke to Saul and from that moment on, all of Saul’s plans changed.


From the moment Jesus grasped hold of Saul’s heart, his plans, his life, his message changed, and even his name changed! He became totally sold into Jesus’ plan. Acts 9:22 (NIV) tells of this miraculous change in Saul’s plans. Take a look at what was said about Saul. “Yet Saul grew more and more powerful and baffled the Jews living in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Christ.”


You see, Saul had been sent to Damascus to squash this new sect of believers, but before he even arrived, Saul’s plans changed. Enraged, the Jewish leaders conspired to kill Saul. But another change in plans helped Saul escape (Acts 9:25).


Encountering Jesus is a plan changer. When we allow Jesus to do His work in our lives, things change. We change. Life changes.


There’s a song from the musical “The Witness” that I just love. It is a song about Peter’s encounter with Jesus and how he received life through Jesus. Click here to listen to the message.


This is my invitation to you today. Come to the Life Giver. Allow Jesus to make this change in your life and your plans. Then, you too can join the list mentioned above. Are you ready for a change?


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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