I almost feel guilty to say this. My life and my world are going pretty smoothly. Life is good all around.


But I know that isn’t the case with everyone this morning. There are people waking to anniversaries of tragedies in their lives. There are people waking who know this may be the last day they spend with a loved one. There are people who don’t have a job to go to today. All is not well.


Today may be a difficult day for you in your world.


If this is the case, today I offer encouraging words from our God through His servant King David. David knew the ups and downs of life, but he also knew to whom he could run when life turned against him.


Let’s take a look at Psalm 18:30-36 (NIV) to see how God provided for David in such times.


God’s ways and words were perfect and flawless (v. 30a). David could depend on that even if he could not depend on anything else.


God was a shield and refuge (v. 30b). David repeated this concept over and over throughout his life and his Psalms.


God provided strength and direction (v. 32). Again, this is an idea that was never far from David’s thoughts.


God provided steady feet (v. 33). Steady feet meant swift action. There were many times David needed to have steady feet.


God trained David’s hands and arms (v. 34). I’m sure David appreciated this as much as I love reading about it. Hands and arms fit for service made David a willing servant of God.


God provided protection and sustenance (v. 35a). David reveled in God’s protection. David was blessed to be sustained by God. All the more reason to praise Him through the battles.


God stooped down to make David great (v. 35b). Although David was prepared for each battle, it was God who provided the greatness. David acknowledged who it was that made him great.


God broadened the path to protect David’s vulnerability (v. 36). Narrow paths might have been the downfall of many soldiers, but not for David. God always provided exactly what David needed as he needed it. In this case, a broader path.


Can you see how God can help us as well? Are there a few points listed above where you can find strength to face this day?


Even as I look at this list with a good day facing me, I am encouraged to know that God will be with me through the day and He provides for me in each of these areas.


I would encourage you to choose one or two of these phrases to hold on to today. Repeat it throughout your day. Find comfort and strength in those phrases. Find comfort and strength in God.


At the end of the day, I pray that you’ll be able to acknowledge that God stooped down and made you great!


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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