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It’s usually quiet. When the dialysis system is set up with care and precision, it is a few quiet hours. However, just recently, the A24 alarm blared every 15 minutes or so. I would stop what I was doing and go check what was happening. As per the manual, I would mute the alarm, identify […]


A Challenge

Have you ever been discouraged? If you answered “no,” you’re not being honest with yourself. This world has a way of discouraging us. It squashes our dreams, hopes and desires. It has a way of making us feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy. We can choose to be discouraged by the world or to be encouraged […]


“Jesus, Hold My Hand” – Monday Musical Musings

  I needed an uplifting song this morning, so I began searching lots of music. As soon as I started a song, I knew it wasn’t right. You know, the lyrics were great, but the music was a little depressing.   I liked the sound of the Singing Americans, but it took me a while […]


Baby Liam – Day 1

  What a journey this has been. I’m so excited to share with you that the newest addition to our family has arrived and all is well. I am headed to see this little bundle of joy, so I’ll be sharing some older blog posts for several days. Blessings upon you my dear readers and […]


Peace that Passes All Understanding

  So much going through my mind this morning, but can’t seem to get it on paper. So instead of writing, I need to be praying. Will you join me in prayer today? Here are the things I need clarity about.   Wisdom I was supposed to head to Ohio next Wednesday to be there […]

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