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It’s usually quiet. When the dialysis system is set up with care and precision, it is a few quiet hours. However, just recently, the A24 alarm blared every 15 minutes or so. I would stop what I was doing and go check what was happening. As per the manual, I would mute the alarm, identify […]


My Old Kentucky Home

I’ve recently returned home from Kentucky. The family farm has been sold. All of the farm possessions have been distributed or donated. While the farm is no longer owned by a Richardson, fond memories of this plot of land and what it has meant to our family are abundant.   As part of my “goodbye” […]


“U” – Blogging A to Z

During the month of April, I’ve chosen to blog through the alphabet. Each day I will use a letter to share a Name of the Lord that begins with that letter based on Proverbs 18:10 and the fact that there is strength in the Lord’s Name. I pray you’ll be blessed and that you’ll stop […]

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