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It’s usually quiet. When the dialysis system is set up with care and precision, it is a few quiet hours. However, just recently, the A24 alarm blared every 15 minutes or so. I would stop what I was doing and go check what was happening. As per the manual, I would mute the alarm, identify […]


“Open My Eyes” – Monday Musical Musings

I woke up to this melody and lyric a couple of days ago. With working a lot of hours in my previous job and then transitioning into my new job, I think I’ve missed some pretty important events going on around me. This song helped me to come to the realization that my eyes need […]



When I was in Bible College in Cincinnati, I attended a local church where my uncle was the minister. The Sunday School class designed for college-aged youth was going through the Book of Proverbs. Verse by verse, we learned practical advice for daily living.   What I remember most was that it seemed never ending. […]


Lessons from Colossians – Part 3

As I continue to learn small bits of information from the Book of Colossians, I share them with you. Some may seem obvious, while others are not. None the less, there are lessons, encouragement and life-style pointers for us to glean from this book.   In the first chapter, Paul tells the Colossian Church that […]


The Heart of the Matter

I’ve done a bit of redecorating. Actually, I just moved one object, but what an object it is. I’ve had my husband’s grandfather’s ladder in my family room with quilts over it since we moved into this house. I love the look and it’s always been an eye appealing corner.   However, there are splinters […]

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