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The Gate Called Beautiful

  Writing from the Book of Acts again this morning and I came across the phrase, “the gate called Beautiful” in Acts 3:2. This was a gate leading into the temple and it was where Peter and John encountered a beggar.   As soon as I wrote it, my thoughts went to the temple of […]


“U” – A to Z Challenge

  We’re coming to the end of this A to Z Challenge. I pray that you have found some interesting, encouraging and spiritually uplifting words through the month of April. I will miss April!   We have made the rounds to the letter “u.” Umbrella. Understanding. Unchanging. Unfailing. Unwholesome. Unproductive. Unity. These were all contenders […]


Six-Word Memoir (Sabbatical Post)

  A friend of mine mentioned that her 6th grade students were ending the school year by writing a six-word memoir. She asked her friends on Facebook to share what their six-word memoir might be. There are some serious responses, some funny replies and some thought provoking memoirs. I thought it was an excellent exercise. […]


A Hacker

  It’s been a busy week. I’m playing catch up from vacation last week and in the midst of all of this, I had an issue with my website that hosts my blog. It was a severe enough threat, that I got an email from the company and asked me to fix it as soon […]


The Blood of Christ

  My husband loves to watch Sunday morning news programs. This past Sunday, there was a story that he had me watch about a man who creates art with his own blood. It was amazing what he was able to do.   This man has created a crazy system. It’s a large contraption where his […]

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