The Gate Called Beautiful


Writing from the Book of Acts again this morning and I came across the phrase, “the gate called Beautiful” in Acts 3:2. This was a gate leading into the temple and it was where Peter and John encountered a beggar.


the gate called beautifulAs soon as I wrote it, my thoughts went to the temple of God today. Scripture tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that God dwells within us. So if the entrance to the temple of God is my heart, would I or God call it beautiful?


On many days I believe I can say that, but then there are days when I harbor ungodly feelings or desires within my heart (the gate to God’s temple). In those moments, I cannot call the gate to the temple of God beautiful.


It is my greatest desire for my heart to be more Christ-like and for my heart to be called beautiful. I pray that is your desire as well. So what is it that we need to do when we find our hearts leaning toward ugliness?


Repent. Seek forgiveness from God, as well as a person to whom the ugliness is directed.


Fill the void with something beautiful. The fruit of the Spirit is a good start.


Ask God’s Spirit to help your heart become more beautiful each day.


Spend time with God. The longer you are in God’s presence, the more like Him you will become. That leads to a beautiful heart.


Now I am sure there are more steps to this beautiful heart process, but don’t stay where you are because you think it’s an overwhelming journey. Take the first step and then take the next step and then the next. Before you and I know it, we are on our way to having a beautiful heart that is the gate to God’s temple.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance,



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