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Flashing Lights

  Just east of our home are two radio towers. For air traffic safety, each tower has lights. Some remain on all the time. Others flash. Some are red and some are white. But these lights provide warning to small aircraft that these towers are there.   At dusk and dawn the flashing lights on […]


Grace and Truth

  If you’re like me, you’ve put your foot in your mouth at some point in your life. Sometimes untruths have spewed from my lips. At other times my words have hurt another or been plain ugly.   Let’s face it, our tongues have a way of getting us into trouble. If it were not […]



When I was in Bible College in Cincinnati, I attended a local church where my uncle was the minister. The Sunday School class designed for college-aged youth was going through the Book of Proverbs. Verse by verse, we learned practical advice for daily living.   What I remember most was that it seemed never ending. […]

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