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The Neighborhood

  My neighborhood is under attack! It is exploding with new houses, construction, very large pieces of machinery, road closures and detours. It’s noisy, dusty and teeming with strangers. Growth, new life and improvements are promised, but this stage is not pretty. I get it, but boy is it frustrating.   One problem is that […]


Flashing Lights

  Just east of our home are two radio towers. For air traffic safety, each tower has lights. Some remain on all the time. Others flash. Some are red and some are white. But these lights provide warning to small aircraft that these towers are there.   At dusk and dawn the flashing lights on […]


In This World…

I’m reminded this morning that we live in a fallen world. Pain, death and meanness have invaded my world and I’m reminded of just how difficult life can be.   How blessed I am to sit here and type about God’s goodness as I hear sirens rushing toward someone in need. How cocooned in my […]


The Right Protection

Since the floods here in Colorado, we’ve had a massive amount of mosquitoes that just cannot seem to be squashed. The spraying has continued, we’ve dipped below freezing on at least one night, but these pesky critters seem to be thriving.   I mentioned to my daughter that I needed to get some bug spray […]

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