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Let the Worshipers Arise

  One of my favorite music albums is by Phillips, Craig and Dean titled, “Let the Worshipers Arise.” Every song on the album points the listener to make the decision to grow spiritually. To grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. To allow God’s Spirit to work in a more powerful way. To step it […]


Survival Kit

  I am still rethinking and reliving my time at the Senior Administrative Assistant Conference last week. I learned so much, and yet, there were moments of fun and smiles along the way as well.   For fun, we received an Administrative Assistant Survival Kit. Inside this little kit were items that we might need […]


Lessons from Colossians – Part 3

As I continue to learn small bits of information from the Book of Colossians, I share them with you. Some may seem obvious, while others are not. None the less, there are lessons, encouragement and life-style pointers for us to glean from this book.   In the first chapter, Paul tells the Colossian Church that […]

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