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“G” – A to Z Challenge

  Are you as impressed and amazed as I am when you use Google as your search engine? The design and graphics are different from your usual logo on many days. Some are use animation and some are stationary, but regardless, some are pretty amazing.   Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you read […]


Journaling Bible

  It’s finally available. A back-ordered item that I have been waiting on for about five months. Shows my patience, right?   Well maybe not.   The item that is finally available is a journaling Bible. These Bibles have become so popular that they haven’t been available anywhere. Not on any website or in any […]


Word of God Wednesday

  For today, I thought I would share a few verses of Scripture that speak on the topic of God’s Word. I pray that these words will help you to see the importance of being in God’s Word, how God’s Word is relevant in our world today, why you should be applying its words in […]


Survival Kit

  I am still rethinking and reliving my time at the Senior Administrative Assistant Conference last week. I learned so much, and yet, there were moments of fun and smiles along the way as well.   For fun, we received an Administrative Assistant Survival Kit. Inside this little kit were items that we might need […]


Gone Again – Vegas Respite Day 1

  I am excited to say that I will be attending a conference for a few days in Las Vegas! I’ve never been to Las Vegas. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve heard the good and the bad. I’ve received advice. People have told me what to expect, but until I experience for myself, […]

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