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A Full Day

  It’s a full day! First, it’s the Lord’s Day…I pray you treat it so.   Second, it’s my oldest child’s birthday! Happy Birthday Philip! I love you!   Third, it’s sign up day for women’s ministry at Rocky! Stop by the tables at both campuses and find a place to connect with God’s Word […]


On Time

  I have been telling time since early in my life. Perhaps first or second grade. I have a handle on analog and digital time-telling. But I must tell you that I get very frustrated when I’m in my husband’s car and want to know the time.   Why? Because he uses that 24-hour system. […]


Standing on the Promises (Sabbatical Post)

  Do you remember that old hymn? I certainly do. However, as I sang it in years past, I am certain that I never fully understood the whole message. I probably didn’t really sing the words of this hymn. The message that not only does God keep His promises, but we can stand firm in […]


Word of God Wednesday

  For today, I thought I would share a few verses of Scripture that speak on the topic of God’s Word. I pray that these words will help you to see the importance of being in God’s Word, how God’s Word is relevant in our world today, why you should be applying its words in […]


Today is the Day

  Fall is just around the corner and that means, ladies will be gathering in churches all across the country to spend time together in God’s Word. It is truly my favorite time of the year!   Why? Because women are focusing on what God’s Word has to say to them. They are intentional. They […]

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